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Paver Restoration Mesa, AZ

The Mesa Pavers team is ready and waiting for you at a moment’s notice to bring your paver installation back from the brink of collapse. If it has been years since they we last maintained or repaired, no problem! Our skilled technicians are here with their heavy-duty equipment capable of rejuvenating any damaged surfaces that need some TLC. With one call, our expert teams will be on-site in just hours working hard so you can enjoy stable ground once again as well as an enhanced appearance.


When you want a partial restoration that seamlessly blends into your current installation, our paving contractors can bring results that not only color match the existing material but also perfectly cut and fit new pieces of concrete into the old. We will work with your design so it doesn't look like we're putting on a patch job for an upcoming full replacement!


Sale or Restoration? - Mesa Paver Pros is a full-service pavement contractor. When the time comes, why not take advantage of our ability to offer you both sale and restoration services for your driveway pavers, patios, decks or otherwise? We ensure that whether it's replacement concrete work needed on existing structures by providing creative solutions at an affordable price point or if you are looking to fulfill a dream project in building new paving surfaces from scratch we can do so while still staying within budget!

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We can help you duplicate the look of your previous surface to make the transition seamless. Whatever paving contractor installed it, we have an experienced design team who will create a perfect match for that original installation style and appearance.



From the moment you find yourself at a loss for words, it can be hard to know where to go next. When this happens with your home design plans and projects- or even when that project is finally complete - Mesa Pavers has got your back. With their paving professionals by your side every step of the way, there’s never any need to worry about having an idea but not being able to execute on it because we will take care of all necessary steps while keeping efficiency in mind from start ‘til finish!

The best part? You don't have a say if they'll do something new (as long as it's within reason) or keep things traditional; our team works closely together so whatever decision YOU want them to make comes true

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